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How can I give the buyer 16 files for only $10?


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The buyer knocked me and told me about the job. Then I understand the task and start working. He didn't tell me about his budget and I didn't ask him about it either. His task was to design 4 round labels. 4 label designs in one style with 4 different colors and 4 different texts. It will take total of 4 files for one label.

4 Files are
1. JPEG file    2. PNG file    3. Ai file    4. PSD file

4 files of each label design. Total 4x4 = 16 files. It took me 2 days to complete the works. then
When I completed the works he said he would pay $10 for all the designs and files. How is that possible? Only $10 for 16 files? I said jpg and png 5$ and AI file 10$ and PSD file 10$. Pay a total of $25.
He refuses to pay $25. So he didn't order me and didn't contact me anymore.
What do I do now? Is it my mistake to do his work before taking the order? Or have I demanded more price than the task?
Help me what should I do now?

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