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Hi Everyone, Have questions about my gig?


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Your gig video thumbnail and title are in conflict. The thumbnail shows "I offer hosting" but your title is about website design - these are related but not the same service so immediately I would be more likely to click on someone's gig who's video thumbnail is more specifically what I'm looking for (even though the video explains the link in other slides, the initial thumbnail should be chosen with careful intent). The video is just a slideshow of words with no sound, music, voice over... Really not the best honestly. You want to convince people to give you their money. To grab their attention and make them believe you are the best logical choice for their needs. This video doesn't do any of those things. Nothing in the video gives you or your service credibility. There aren't even any examples of your work in the video, it really just isn't helpful for a buyer. 

Your next image just shows FIVERR in a huge yellow box... Again, what does this do to sell your service? If a perosn is considering your gig, they are already on fiverr. Why are you wasting space with that? Additionally, it's an ugly picture... If your gig images are ugly, people will likely think your websites will be ugly too. Everything on your gig, the way it's designed, the way your description is written etc, are all a reflection on your own ability and talent for the service you are offering. If your gigs are ugly and poorly written, why would buyers trust your website designing skills to be any better? It's unprofessional. Adding things like "blah blah blah" in your description doesn't really come off as professional and trustworthy, although I understand it was meant to be relatable/tongue in cheek, it could be alienating for some people, especially without a really heavy hitting portfolio to add credibility:

Your 3 portfolio images should be mind blowing examples of wesbite design. This is a competitive field. If I can buy a one page SEO optimised web design from someone on here with many 5 star reviews for $35, why would I buy the service from you, with 2 very mediocre portfolio design examples, for $50?

That's not to say your pricing is bad, it's to say that you need to be able to show the value you can bring to justify that price, to make it worth it for people to take a chance on you.

All of that sounds incredibly critical but my intention isn't to be harsh or cruel, rather, my goal is to point out and explain these issues so that you can polish up your gig and create something great.

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