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I don't receive any orders since I promoted to level one .is there any reason .please help


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Once I got level one status. Suddenly my clicks rate per day drop . Also, it's now two months but I did not receive any order from potential buyer . Even I have standing out profile with respect to my competitors still my gigs appeared on second page . Any idea 💡.why this happening 

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@faizkhan88 - you posted the same question here:

That's why you are getting the same responses from me and @imagination7413

39 minutes ago, faizkhan88 said:

Even though I have strong overall profile than other competitors 

If your impressions are dropping, you don't have a strong overall profile to other competitors. You might have when you were pooled against other New Sellers, but you've moved up a level. You are faced with higher competition. Low impressions means that Fiverr's algorithm sees you and your gig as less relevant to buyers searching for your service compared to other sellers in the same category. So you've got to step up your game.

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