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Buyers ask to complete work before placing order




Up until now I only had buyers messaging and asking  ' finish work and then I will pay '.

I didn't respond to these because its not the way fiverr works.

But within last 3 days I saw many buyer requests posted saying ' You will have to finish the whole project before order. Don't send offer if you can not work base on my condition or else I will report you. '

Isn't it against TOS?

Can they report us for not doing work until offer is accepted?

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Hi! You are right! You shouldn't start any work before an order is placed. Furthermore, if a buyer ask you for your work before placing an order and then agrees to make an order I'll think twice before accepting that, as is a person who first wanted you to work outside Fiverrs TOS.

As for they reporting you, i suppose they can write CS, but are they really going to complain that you don't want to work for free? I thinks that's a scare tactic.


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