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I don't know what's my Fault, Need to Solve and improve myself


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I also suggest you try on the following in order to attract new buyers and increase your stats:
Provide high-quality service

  • Deliver on time
  • Avoid unnecessary cancellations
  • Communicate with your buyers to make sure you understand their needs
  • Adhere to our Guidelines
  • Make more original Gigs
  • Do market research to see what is trending among the buyers now
  • Review buyer requests
  • Visit our Forum where you can exchange experiences with other sellers
  • Try Fiverr Learn and Skill tests
  • Visit our Help Centre for more tips and tricks
  • Advertise your Gigs on social media
  • Add videos to your Gig that show what buyers can expect from your service in more detail.
  • Share your Gig on social media by clicking on the social media buttons on the right-hand side of your Gig.
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