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Why is fiverr saying my delivery is going to be late?



So I delivered my order on time.  The customer was waiting on a third-party person's opinion on something they had been unsure about earlier before approving the order-- that's fine, it happens.  The buyer got back to me during the 3 days revision time frame and asked for a small change.  Fiverr is now showing it as 3days late for delivery even though the product was initially given to the buyer on time and I am about to send them the update within 12hrs of the submitted revision request.  It is not my fault that there was a delay on the buyer's end, nor honestly is it their fault.  I do not understand why fiverr doesn't extend the deadline to include the revision period when the change request was put through as an official revision, especially when the buyer had paid for an additional revision.

If I send it to the buyer without requesting more time, would this impact my on-time delivery rating?  The change is so small that it feels ridiculous to have to wait for my buyer to be finished work to approve the request but I do not know how the algorithm would be affected by a "3 days late" order.

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