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I have reported your gigs to Fiverr.  Another data entry specialist who thinks it is perfectly acceptable to put their clients personal data all over their profile.

I now have the names, the addresses and how much your customers pay for their rent

I have names and personal email addresses of company directors and business owners. 

I also have the salaries and staff ID's of people who work for an organisation.

So if I have this, who else have you unknowingly leaked this information too? This is the reason people get spammed. 

You claim to be a Full time Lead Generation Specialist, Virtual Assistant and Data Entry Expert. I suspect that this won't be for much longer the way you're going

So, before you celebrate your success anymore, Take down that data and read up on GDPR and privacy laws straight away.  I will also be reporting you to the ICO (Information commissioners office) as some of these customers are British and you have carried out a massive data breach!!!!! 



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