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ATTENTION BUYERS re ARSe: If you are a SMART Buyer


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ATTENTION ALL BUYERS: You are about to LOSE your ability to get large quantites and/or a high quality of work done - for a measly $5 - here on Fiverr!


BUT… you can save yourself from losing this convenient and effective way to have someone talented do the work for you. Just read on…

If you Buy Gigs on Fiverr regularly, you have already seen that Fiverr has promoted a new rating system.

Old System that worked well: the Thumbs Up/Thumbs Down.

New System that is FAILING badly: the Stars rating.

I won’t waste time debating: The Star system is a PROVEN FAILURE.

If you don’t believe it, just read one of the DOZENS of Anti-Star posts here on the Forum… and the Anti-Star comments of HUNDREDS of Sellers! (Any many Buyers too!)

All you need to know is the following:

-Participation on the Forum by Sellers has QUADRUPLED. All these Sellers who never post… are now posting how much they hate the Stars system!

-Many of the best Sellers are removing their gigs. Translation: Smart Buyers LOSE!

-Some Sellers are shutting down their profiles and LEAVING permanently. Translation: Smart Buyers LOSE BIGTIME!!

-Finally, HUNDREDS of Sellers are having a Protest Day, they feel so strongly against this FAILED system.

When the best Sellers leave, their excellent gigs go with them. Translation: You LOSE the chance to get great $5 work!

Therefore, if you are a SMART Buyer, here’s what you need to do:

  1. Join the protest.

    Make NO buys on July 1st!

    (Even better, make NO buys from the evening of the 30th, through the morning of the 2nd - to account for timezone differences.)

  2. After the protest (from July 2nd onwards), for EVERY gig you buy, make one of the following 2 choices ONLY:

    A) If not delivered, Cancel.

    B) If delivered, regardless of what was delivered, click 5 stars on every rating.


    i) SMART Buyers know, the first $5 is a only a Test!

    If delivered, the test is Complete. 5 stars.

    You got the Test information: Was the Seller responsive?; Did the Seller deliver on time?; Do you like what the Seller provides?; Did you understand correctly what the Seller provides or is it different from your mistaken expectations?; etc, etc, etc.

    So 5 stars is the ONLY appropriate rating. PLUS it shows your support for Sellers!

    ii) If you like what the Seller did for you, a SMART Buyer will buy again.

    (A GENIUS Buyer, will buy again - with Extras!)

    If it was good enough to buy again, then 5 stars is the ONLY appropriate rating.

    In Conclusion: If you want to be able to get TALENTED work done for a Very Low price…

    …and you are SMART…

    …you will join the protest on July 1st…

    …and you will click ONLY 5 stars, from July 2nd on…

    …until Fiverr goes back to the Thumbs Rating system!

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