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Hope everyone is keeping fine, 


I have a few questions about relating to gig de-ranking issues, is there any chance once gig can be revived to its original place after deranking and promotionally unqualified state?

A few days ago , i was getting orders organically and some because of promoted gigs but unfortunately this is totally deranked and i am in a frustration mode, despite being a seller plus i am facing this issue. Can anyone help me?



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Hi @mariyam_tayyaba

Gig links can only be shared in "My Fiverr Gigs" and "Improve My Gig." I've requested that your post be moved to the proper category so that your question can be answered properly. 😉

To answer your question - 

Promoted Gigs are offered to sellers who meet certain quality metrics, so if you don't qualify for it anymore, that means there was a drop in your performance and quality metrics. We know that many of those metrics stay on your account for 60 days, so as long as you focus on delivering good quality and keeping your customers happy, you can qualify for Promoted Gigs again.

One way to improve your metrics is to get more orders - and as a Seller Plus member, you have more options available than most, so don't be afraid to utilize all options! Coupons are great and Buyer Briefs or Requests may also be a source of orders for you:


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