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Fiverr account got hacked by Spam message!


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For the last few months, I am getting these spam messages which make you fill like they are a big company or brand and they will give you a big project.

So I wanna let you know my experience with these.

Whenever I get these kinds of messages they will ask you will you do this or that and then they will send you a pdf(in which there will be a zip file link), or a zip file directly. And once you extract that zip file you will see some photos and a file called pdf but, if you go to the properties of that file and see the file format, you will see that actually, it's some somekind of application. It was obvious that there were application instead of project details so i didn't ever opened that.

Related to this same experience, I got the same kind of message from a Level 2 seller with 330+ Reviews and there I started thinking that something is off. Because I used to report these kinds of messages and I used to report them and ignore them. So this time I asked him directly that there is a file called pdf but in its properties, it's showing an application. What is it?

And he didn't answer but after 24 hours I got a reply from that guy he said that my account got hacked and he send the same message to another 10-15 people and I am informing each and every one about this. Please don't open that file it's a virus or some kind of hacking tool.

I just wanted to aware everyone by this message that these kinds of scams are happening so please be careful.


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