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Idea that could change fiverr for getting more direct sales to you as the seller


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I have came across the problem which many of us as the sellers have been through, when you make a new gig it takes 2 or more weeks to get noticed. I hate this system so I have came up with the solution, why not have a system when you make a gig choose the category as such you have a page just meant for that category so when you make that new gig you can choose to add to page for example Graphic Design, so all of your gig related to graphic design will go to that page, organized how ever you want. Then your probably thinking so how will they see the other gigs once you have this, simple your highest gig for graphic design will be the gig they see when choosing a gig for graphics but they will also see your other gigs and they could choose to select them like a check box and then when they order it could be $10 or $20 for ordering more graphic design gigs. This would take out they need for multiple gig rotation for the same users. The other thing is too when you receive these orders they would be the same way as now you would see OH they order this graphic design gig and this one, when the buyer places the rating/comment it would go to those gigs on that page, when the buyer wants to view the comments there would be a button saying full screen which means the gig would just simple go to the same size page as the gigs are now when you view them. IF YOU WANT ME TO MAKE A DIAGRAM PLEASE COMMENT BELOW ALSO LIKE IF YOU UNDERSTAND THE IDEA.

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