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Question about rank with reviews



Hello everyone! I hope you have a lovely day out there!

I had question. For now as a quite new seller here on Fiverr I bringing my clients from outside to order my services via Fiverr GIG to push it up.. But I had 5-6 orders in 3-4 days like that - and my impressions, clicks are not improving from day 1  (getting same numbers every day) even If I get good reviews and orders. I noticed that even with my gig title I can't find it in search for etc I can find "Timeless and modern logo" my gig even in page 1, but If I write just "Timeless Logo" my gig does not appear in that search anywhere 😕 I'm very confused - could anyone discuss why is that?


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Fiverr continuously cycles gigs to be in different pages on the search results. Sometimes at the front, sometimes at the back. This is to give everyone an equal opportunity to do well on fiverr. When you're on the front you will have more impressions. Nearer to the back of the search results will mean less impressions.

Sometimes, it is normal not to see your own gig in the search results, even when other people can view it. I've had that before and I've gotten daily orders on fiverr almost since like 2019. Do not worry about that, as long as your description, portfolio, gig video etc is good, you'll be fine regardless of being able to find your own gig. Make sure to add a gig video instead of gig picture if you haven't done that yet - it can help get you 40% more clicks/orders according to fiverr statistics.

Also, your title doesn't have much SEO, you could improve that. 

Learning to search through the forum is the best way to learn how to improve your gig, stats, orders, etc on Fiverr.
Since the same questions are posted every single day and hundreds of people have spent hundreds of hours answering them. 


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