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Free SEO advice for Fiverr buyers - What backlinks to buy in 2014


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Hey guys, I’ve noticed around the SEO circles that Fiverr is becoming a go-to for startups looking for cheap SEO work and backlinks. I am all for it and actually (My SEO Colleagues would all disown me if they caught me saying this) think it’s a really cost effective tool to get some higher rankings, IF you do it right and know what to order and how to use it.

I won’t give away all my secrets (although I have been in my other posts) but the best backlinks to get in 2014 are EDU AND GOV PROFILE backlinks!!!

These are highly authority links, just make sure you don’t get any gov edu blog posts because people will just use a bot scraper to make these and your links get buried under thousands of other links and the external link count is extremely high on that page.

Another thing that is really good to get is Facebook Shares/Likes Twitter Retweets and Google +1 likes and Shares.

(Especially if they are sharing one of your blog posts with internal links anchored with the keyword you want to rank ;))

These are also referred to as SOCIAL SIGNALS. Which has a really high influence in ranking your sites and YouTube videos higher. I recommend buying these gigs separately as you will get more value for your $ then the gigs offering all social signal packages together.

Anyways, once again Enjoy the free advice guys.

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