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SEO SEO SEO On Fiverr?


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I have been doing a lot of research about optimizing gigs and i figured I would ask about it here.  I dont expect anyones secrets LOL but never hurts to ask.  Is there a way to better optimize gigs?  I see keywords but what about page titles and meta tags depending on how Fiverr search works?

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Making your gig relevant in search by using the right keywords is important. It helps the algorithm know that your gig is relevant when someone searches for it. Keywords should be part of your gig title, description, and the keywords section. But more important than SEO is having a gig designed with conversions in mind. The Fiverr algorithm doesn't just look at your SEO but also your performance.

High-performing gigs that receive lots of positive feedback (especially private feedback, which is the backbone of your buyer satisfaction rate) will get picked at the top. So you can optimize all you want, but if you're not performing well, you don't stand a chance. In other words: besides having a well-structured and optimized gig to convert buyers and tickle the algorithm, you need to be great at what you do, have the skills you need to perform well, and be excellent at customer service. That performance translates into a higher buyer satisfaction rate. If being relevant is your alpha, your performance is definitely your omega. 

Optimizing your gig is also about taking advantage of all the features your gig has to offer. A more complete gig is a better gig. 

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13 hours ago, manaslakhani said:

I agree with smashradio the private feedback is the backbone of your profile 

but add keyword in 

- username 

- slogan 

- about 

- degree 

- gig title 

- gig image 

- gig image name 

- gig description (min 4-5 time)

- gig FAQ



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