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What is the reason why my gig is suddenly like this and how can I improve it?



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This is the first line of your gig

Hello, I'm Emon_Dew, a certified digital marketer with over long years of experience.

Use your extensive digital marketing experience to research and implement the changes you need.  They are all in the forum an have been answered MULTIPLE times by experienced contributors. 

Don't tout yourself as an expert in your field then come to the forum asking for help on how to market your business.  If you don't know how to fix this then I would consider asking yourself if you are an expert? and weather you should be offering these gigs to clients. 

Harsh I know, but it's a bit like a data entry expert asking how to use Excel. 


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On 8/24/2022 at 5:52 PM, fahadislamjuel said:

Hello @emon_dew this kind of gig rotation happens in Fiverr from what I have noticed. Like a cycle, your gigs are rotated in the search results to allow other sellers chance to get exposure. Your gigs should come back to its earlier state within 10-12 days. 

I hope this helps.

But  mine gigs are in rotation from 15+ days.

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