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How can i promote my service on fiverr to get more sales


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I would like to draw your attention to an important issue.
Hope it will be considered.
When we go to the buyer request, we see that most of the people, rather 99%, are people who make a bad move to grow their YouTube channel. It is a futile and vexatious matter. Ban such people
.For exampleI need a video making like this to show case glasses with AR. When you look through the glasses you can see the normal world but when you see someone else wearing them you see thier avatar. You will need to design the glasses like the ones on the video below. Not a copy but close enough

I request you
YouTube channel link should be blocked. Believe me, a true sailor gets a lot of kick out of this move. And there is disappointment.
This is a very ugly and intolerable act, please block the YouTube channel links

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