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If i change keywords it will effect my gig?



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Yes, anything you change about your gig will likely have an effect. 

Whenever you make a change you need to wait at least 2 weeks as for a while it will be removed from search results while fiverr checks the changes, which will mean you will lose clicks and impressions for a bit and you may find your gig ranks low or is removed from the search for a bit. 

So always wait a couple weeks between each change to get a real idea of whether the change is good or bad.

If you edit it two times a day your gig will never have the chance to be seen or climb the search results because it will constantly be removed from search to be reviewed after your changes.

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Yes. It will affect your gig ranking. I don't prefer to change your gig descriptions or tags. I have checked that you have changed tags two time on a day. But it's not good. when you have to many ordered. then before delivery the order you can change the tags also you can change the price as well.  

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