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How many impression should I gain before getting order


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That's not exactly how this works, @mawieshams2016 -

As @smashradio mentions, you could get 100 impressions or 1 impression. This may never result in a sale. Impressions only means how relevant you are in search. This is based not only on your title and tags, but your seller performance and metrics. If someone is getting more orders than you, they will be seen as more relevant, and will have higher impressions than you.

If you are getting clicks, that means people are interested enough in your gig to "click" on it. Your gig is attractive. You could also get 100 clicks or 10,000 clicks and never get a sale. People could still click on your gig, look at it, and decide not to buy.

So although you do want more impressions and more clicks, your main goal is to convert the clicks into orders. Once a buyer visits your gig - you've got to convince them to buy. If you give them any reason not to buy from you, they will go on to the next gig and buy from your competitor.

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