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A novice question for someone who has had the same thing happen, what can I do?



Hi guys, I hope you are well.

I wanted to ask a question that is possibly a bit silly but I feel it will be useful to know. Well for starters I am a new designer on fiver and my gig is about making social media designs, I got my first client and I did the work diligently and my question would be: when I deliver my work would it be correct to send the client the images one by one or is it ok if I send a .rar file with the complete files.

Yes, possibly this is a question that has already been asked but when I searched the forum I could not find it so I post it to know what those who have been here for a long time could tell me.

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Hi @luisra15 👋

First of all no question is silly, especially if you are new around here!

Secondly, it is surely irrelevant to the platform if you do the delivery of separate files or of a .rar/.zip compressed one, but rest assured that the customer will surely appreciate if you send them the material as tidy as possible. Therefore the compressed folder should do the work 😎

In your shoes I would go with a .rar file with everything inside + a picture you would like to show in your gallery.

As a newbie you probably don't know, but among the files you deliver, the customer can choose the option to select one and make is viewable to the piblic directly on your gig's gallery 😉 

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You can also ask your customers how they would like the delivery. One of my customers complained when I sent a zip file and told me she preferred that I send the files individually.

I agree with @samus_x - always include an image for your Live Gallery in the delivery. Many of my new customers mention that these images are the reason why they decided to buy my services.

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