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Why does the sellers' level not increase after the 2nd level?


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I am stuck here for the last three months. I have fulfilled all the given requirements of Fiverr for top-rated sellers but I have never seen myself in top-rated sellers. When I asked this question to Fiverr Support, they told me not to write or participate in any event and that you are not involved in the Fiverr community. But I am a seller, not a writer so that's why I am associated with the Fiverr community and I also write forums and blogs. I handle my clients very cleverly and I meet the mentioned points of achievement level.


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Did you see the summary that I provided on "Community Leadership" in the link I provided?


 @smashradio says here: “one of the things they look at is community leadership. I assume that involves being active in the community, helping other sellers, or doing something that benefits the community as a whole."

I would hope that Fiverr looks into the value you bring to the Fiverr community as a whole, including the forum. Think of all the sellers who flood the platform and get the motivation to stick it out just a bit longer because of the help from TRSs and other levelled sellers. Seller retention is in the best interest of Fiverr.

Please also see the section on the pyramid as well. No matter how much you may qualify for TRS, you might never get it.

The good thing is, you can still be a great seller and make good money without becoming a top-rater seller.

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2 hours ago, grahpicworker said:

i am going my way to the top rated sellers and i believe  i am goon make it one day 
and about the leadership comment i was not aware that you can help new sellers achieve something through communities so now on my focus will be there too 🙂

Taking the lead in the community is important. It's not about being "active" on the forum, but contributing something to the community – it could be having the best selling gig of all time in a niche, it could be having a Youtube channel where you help new sellers, answering questions on the forum, or just being a generally nice person to have around. It clearly isn't a requirement to become a Top Rated Seller, since many TRS's never post on the forum or own Youtube channels and so on. But it's a "nice-to-have", if you're actually talented enough to help other people and be a productive part of the community. It won't make you a Top Rated Seller, but if you do get nominated, I'm sure they take a look at your behavior and history in the community. Having a track record as a helpful person with great knowledge about the Fiverr system certainly can't hurt. 

With all that said: your first goal should always be to make your buyers happy by being excellent at what you do, offering great support, creating good vibes and awesome results. That's what being a TRS is all about. It's not about the badge, technicalities (even though they matter, too) or forum activity. It's about being best in the business and it all starts with how you communicate, work and deliver results that buyers love. 

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