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Why are my game art not bought


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If you actually call your gig "I will do something I am really good at" it won't easily be found when people search for it and people won't really know what the gig is about (even though there's many other gigs with the same title on Fiverr). Even though Fiverr puts something similar in the box where it wants you to enter a title, they're not really suggesting you actually enter that as a title.

Also adding hundreds of letter n in the gig description also won't help people know what your gig is about. It would be much better to enter info about your gig there. If Fiverr sees hundreds of the letter n in your description they may deny your gig.

Also I'd change "I am very much untreated in freelancing" in your profile. I assume you mean "interested" there instead of "untreated".

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@omorodiono - If you want someone to buy your game design, you should state that in the title and describe your services in the gig description. I didn't know you were selling game art from your gig. The title only states "I will do something I am really good at" and the gig description only says "lovely game design," followed by a thousand letter n's.

You also mention in your bio that you are a "proficient person in the use of the English Language" and "specialized in writing and editing." If you are, you really need to show that in your bio and your gig description. Currently, it doesn't look like you are proficient in English (so you should probably change your Language setting to "Conversational"). There are a lot of grammatical errors in the bio, and the the gig description make no sense.

Fiverr operates as a match-making service, so everything in your gig has to match what your potential buyer will be typing in search to find your services. So make your gig as relevant as possible so buyers can find you.

I suggest you make changes and improvements to your gig as soon as possible - Fiverr is shutting down gigs for "low-quality."

Here are some things you can do when updating your gig:



Good luck!

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