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Why isn't Fiverr letting me take orders from clients?


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I joined Fiverr 8 months ago. I'm giving the services of SEO stuff. But still, no order had been placed. My gigs have unique data. I have passed the Fiverr tests. But I don't know why Fiverr is not letting orders from clients. 
Kindly from the support team check my profile. If there is any problem, then suggest to me what to do next. Or promote me to get orders.

Thank you.

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What have you done yourself to improve? Have you spent time learning how Fiverr works? Have you researched your niche market, your target audience and service? Did you come here with a proper business plan, or did think you could just create a gig and the buyers would start rolling in? 

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What do you mean by fiverr doesn’t let you take orders? You created your gig and anyone can place orders with your gig so fiverr IS letting you take orders. 
But wether you can attract customers or not is a totally different story. Fiverr gave you all the tools to open your “store” and how you sell and product you offer is totally on you. If your product *excuse me* sucks then nothing fiverr can do about it. 

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@optimizer7, you mention on your profile, that it can take 6 months for the websites you build to rank based on ranking factors.

You have been in business for 8 months and your gig isn't getting seen. I don't even see an average response time for you, which means you aren't getting any inquiries.

It might be helpful for you to know that Fiverr no longer "ranks" gigs ... it is a matching service. When buyers type in words in the search box, only relevant gigs will show up. Relevancy is much more than SEO and keywords. Sellers with more orders than you and positive reviews will be seen as more relevant. A good insight into your relevancy is how many impressions you are getting. If you are getting good impressions, then you are more relevant.

But that's not enough. As @smashradio mentioned, it requires you to research your market so that you know how to connect with and attract customers. If no one is clicking on your gig, that means no one is finding your gig attractive.

As @mariashtelle1, mentioned, if you don't attract the customers, they won't buy your gig. If buyers click on your gig, that means your gig was attractive enough to take a look at. However, if they didn't place an order, you weren't convincing enough to get a sale.

4 hours ago, optimizer7 said:

 If there is any problem, then suggest to me what to do next.

No orders is a problem. Unfortunately, that's where you have to do your research to find out how to make your gig attractive enough so that your customers will want to place an order with you. You can start with your gig thumbnails, portfolio, and gig descriptions.

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