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Gig impressions down how to improve?



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1 hour ago, hamza0009 said:

My gig on the main page but now my gig is on 10th page how can its possible to get back  and also when we edit the gig they effect to our SEO ?

Sudden dips in visibility is usually caused by negative private feedback from buyers or dropping stats. 

Editing your gig does not effect your visibility on its own, but the changes you make might. If you improve your gig, it can have a positive effect. If you make bad edits, it might make your problem worse. It's important to have a strategy. But keep in mind that your performance matters more. You can't just trick your way to the top by using "gig seo" and the right tags: you also need to do a great job, impressing your buyers and deliver high-quality services. If you don't,  your buyer satisfaction rate will drop and your gig along with it. 

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