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Need your suggestions to improve my Gig and feedback


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6 hours ago, nilanto_ashik said:

I would really appreciate your suggestions. 

Gig thumbnails: 

Too much text and messy designs. Your gig thumbnails should be easily read with a clean and modern design. Try to stand out from the crowd as well. 

Gig videos: Just silent clips with too much text and some animation. Put some effort into making professional gig videos with animations, a voice-over, and a clear marketing message. 

Gig description: 

Your gig descriptions have a weird mixture of capitalized worlds and non-capitalized words. Try to stick with one style throughout. 

Avoid calling people sir/madam. It will remind us of scammers/spammers and amateurs in most of the western world. In certain countries, it's considered polite in some cases, but generally, it's a clear sign that you're not used to working with westerners. It's better to avoid it. 

The same goes for "bro," "brother," "friend," and so on. Avoid those. 

Profile description:

You call yourself a "Professional Full Stack Web Application Developer" yet all your gigs are for Wix. Being able to make a website on Wix has nothing to do with development, server-side tech or coding. I'm not sure if you even are a full-stack web developer because if you were, you would offer services in that category. Right? You should elevate your most relevant skills and always be truthful and honest. 

On that note, you're from Bangladesh, but you list the following languages: 

  • English - Fluent
  • Faroese (Føroyskt) - Native/Bilingual
  • German (Deutsch) - Conversational
  • Spanish (Español) - Fluent

Are you fluent in both Spanish and English, a native speaker of the Nordic language from the Faroe Islands (spoken by around 80.000 people), and conversational in German? Yet you don't seem to know any Bengali, even though you're from Bangladesh

Again, I'm asking because being honest, truthful, and transparent with your buyers about your abilities and skills is crucial to your success on Fiverr. 

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