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Fiverr should Update and Make a Mechanism such Sellers Can give Access of Order Managements to their Assistants


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 I work hard at the inception of my journey on Fiverr; now, I am a stable freelancer on Fiverr. This is the time now that I look forward to expanding my business on Fiverr, but the obstacle in this way is that I can not manage whole things lonely. I have to keep an assistant. So that the assistant can help me in managing things perfectly; in this regard, we look forward to Fiverr that it creates some mechanism like WordPress where we can add someone as an editor or as another role performer.

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I agree with you @writing_elites8!

Fiverr has Fiverr Business, where freelancers can do exactly what you want (giving other team members admin access):



The only problem is, this is a buyer-only program, so Fiverr's freelancers not allowed to take advantage of this program.

Fiverr does give its freelancers Fiverr Studio (for select sellers) and Fiverr Workspace, but neither of them give Fiverr's freelancers the features available in Fiverr Business.

For freelancers working as teams (with either a remote or local office ...or with a team created on Fiverr) and also selling on the platform, a version of Fiverr Business would be great!


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