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Inspiration vs. Plagarism aka. when is it okay to copy another seller?


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Excellent post! Sometimes I wonder if there is a Fiverr gig scraper program out there that automatically grabs lines from multiple gigs in the same category and splices them into something that is supposed to be an effective description. I find random sentences from my gigs copied sometimes, and I wonder if the other sentences are copied from elsewhere as the whole thing seems disjointed. Next time I think I'll check.

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On 8/18/2022 at 11:04 PM, katakatica said:

If the question brought you here, the short answer is (drumroll please)


Directly copying someone else's gig (or work), including the descriptions, images, packages, FAQs is NEVER okay. Copying art as an artist, writing as a writer (and so on) is even worse and shows that you have no idea what you're doing. Yes, I've said it. 

Now you might be wondering - 'but what if I edit the description/picture/etc. a bit? What if I add stuff or take things away?' 

The answer is: it's still not cool. 

Technically, it might not count as a direct copy anymore (if it's not 100% the same) but you're still using plagarised content. Yes, even if someone on the internet told you that it's totally fine - it isn't.

Say, if I write :


Hey, I sell bears.

They are $10-$20 each.

I like bears. Do you? 

Buy my bears, Please.


And you write:

Hey, I sell bears.

They are $10-$20 each.

All bears are cute.

Buy my bears, Please.

Most of the content is still the same, right? 


Now, of course, there are rules on what's truly an issue and what isn't in the academic/etc. world, but that isn't what sellers will care about if they notice you snatching their writing/art. They will likely report you, and with how Fiverr is getting more and more strict... that might end up very poorly for you.

Now, you might be wondering... if I can't copypaste stuff, then what is okay? 

Gaining inspiration is perfectly fine. See, if you look at my profile and see that I have a gig that's doing well - no one's going to stop you from making a gig in the same category. (now, if you do the same for all of my gigs, even the flops, that's a bit creepy, but...) However, you still have to come up with your own content and images. 

Think of it as... window-shopping and thinking 'oh, that's fun, I want to do that, too' instead of 'oh, that looks great, let's copy it and I'll have customers'. 

No matter what the person on the internet that recommended Fiverr to you (if that was the case) is saying, COPYING someone else's work is not okay. Getting inspired by looking at it, however, is fine.

(note: it is also not nice to take 5-6 gigs together and use a paragraph each or something similar. By the time you're done with that, you might as well, you know, actually write you own description.)


(this post is mostly unedited, it's 8:00 and I haven't had caffeine yet.) 

So, nice post indeed@katakatica You said it perfectly.

But it is also true that there is nothing in this world which is completely identical. If you do similar things, it might be a chance to match some points partially with others.  


Suppose, Mr. "X" is a renowned Website designer & he is an expert on WordPress CMS. Another person Mr. "Y" is also a good Website designer and expert on WordPress CMS. In this case, both person's services' keywords, tags, and descriptions might be sporadically the same. For this, we can not blame the person "Y".


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2 hours ago, ahmed_faroquee said:

For this, we can not blame the person "Y".


This is where personality/personal tone shines through. They might be SIMILAR (tags might even be the same), but there will be things that will be very different. It might be how formal one person is (and how informal the other is), or the structure of their descriptions/etc. 

The difference here is that when you look at the two gigs, they still won't be identical - Y's gigs might have different pricing, packages that are titled different, etc. Their description might have a different pacing of writing. Still the same tags and message, but different personalities. If someone (like many have done to me) just copies someone else's gig word to word (or puts a 'spin' to it) it will still feel like it was written by the original person! But yes, I do see your point! 

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