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Forced to place an ad in the wrong category because of the lack of the right subcategory


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Hello there,

my name is Matt, and i´am currently looking for someone who can 3d scan parts and print them out in a larger scale, so it is a simple and very straight forward task...that is at least what i thought, cause after i have posted my task i received really only annoying offers from people who really could not understand what i was looking for ?

I was trying to reach out to the support team, which seems impossible.

Is there a way to filter the offers ? ...to a specific region ( Europe ) or a country...?  ...cause i got only offers from People from India or Bangladesh who really do not fully understand the task, even if they stated in their profile that they can communicate " Fluently " in English, which they failed to proof of course.

I would really appreciate any helpful suggestion or advice in that matter.

Best Regards


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