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Hi @soufianejanna

If your gig is performing well, Promoted Gigs is well worth your money.

Promoted Gigs not only considers the bid price, but the quality of your gig - based on your performance metrics and relevancy.

Here's what the Help Center says on Promoted Gigs (see below):



Bids. A bid is the highest amount the Seller is willing to pay for one click on their Promoted Gig’s Ad. Higher bids may increase Sellers’ chances of winning auctions, however, other metrics such as relevancy, quality or the likelihood of views or sales are also taken into consideration for determining the Gig’s “Ad rank”, which ultimately determines the auction winners.

Fiverr only wants to promote gigs that are high performing and doing well, so if your gig is not doing well, it might not be worth your money to use Promoted Gigs. However, if you are doing well, you can get really nice returns on your money. I've seen 15x returns when I had the Promoted Gigs feature turned on. 

Right now I have the Fiverr Select badge, so I turned off Promoted Gigs. I like how you can turn this feature on/off when needed.

Keep monitoring to see if this is working for you and make any necessary adjustments. It took a while (maybe 2 weeks?) before I started getting inquiries from my promoted gigs.

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