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Buyer Request Spams Asking Telegram Join up


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Hi! Dear sellers and buyers! 

I don't know this is right or wrong. But I have to ask and hope some discuss about this topic, That I'm going to ask you. I think you already noticed some buyer requests like,

" Hi! I need a data entry operator...( bla bla bla...) our company has lot of data entry projects to do. If you like message our... (marketing manager or someone) with this link... ( a telegram chat link). "

and most of them show the budget as like as $3600. 

I need to know is this scam or not. If anyone has some experience or a knowledge about this kind of buyer requests please share those experience with us. I think it will help lot of peoples.

Thanks in advance! 

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If anyone asks you to communication off the platform, don't do it! Not only are these often scams, it violates Fiverr ToS to communicate off platform. Avoid those buyer requests. If it sounds too good to be true, often it is. (note: of the 800+ buyer requests that I have, only a handful are worth submitting an offer for).

Read these posts here:


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