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how to write buyer request on fiverr.


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Hi @creativesojib,

First of all, make sure that you are submitting offers on valid buyer requests. Many of the requests are posted by sellers who are advertising their own services (not allowed, but it does happen). So please make sure that you are reading the requests carefully. There are also many requests that lack the details necessary to make a good offer. Skip over those - it's not worth your time. I find most of the buyer requests are not worth my time to send an offer on.

When you do find a buyer request that you want to make an offer on, read through it carefully and answer all the questions the buyer has. Make your message personal (don't use a copy paste template). Even after doing this, you may not get an order. You are competing with many sellers to get the job. I only received 5 orders total from buyer requests during my time as a seller on Fiverr, so I don't spend much time putting in offers for buyer requests.

Here are some great posts by people who submit buyer requests that might help you write more effective buyer requests:


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