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Impression click is decreasing day by day!


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  • 3 weeks later...

Before you worried about your impressions, you should add more gigs first.

With only one gig, it show that your are lacking skill for your service.

NEW SELLER can have 7 gigs, but you only have 1 gig. WHY?

At this 1 gig ,you only have 1 thumbnail, while new seller can have three.

This is the most reasons why people fail. They are lazy to give their best.


From design and layout perspective:

1. Bullet point are messy. How many font you are using?

2. Wrong choice header font. (Suggest to learn font fundamental)

3. So many typos and grammar error.


FAQS section..,

You must fill FAQS to help buyer get answer from their problem based on your services.

NOT explain general question and answer like now.


Overall review,

Sorry.., but your gigs looks a newbie for me. You still need to improve your skill and knowledge before able to compete with pro seller.


Best of luck,



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  • 5 months later...

Hi @skillednur, I just posted this in my reply to your status update:


Hi @skillednur, Can you see your gig status here?


It will tell you if your gig is active and if you appear in search results.

Don't worry too much about whether YOU can find your gig in search - Fiverr's algorithm tailors search result to each buyer, so everyone will see something different. I can never find myself in search but my customers can, and that's what matters.

Another way to check to see if buyers are seeing you are your impressions. If it's zero, no one is seeing you. Any impression above zero means that your gig is getting shown to buyers. 

Hopefully that's helpful to you!

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2 minutes ago, skillednur said:

How many Gig Extra prices can new sellers add?

Two or Three??


Your answer is here:



As a New Seller, you’ll get to

  • Create up to seven active Gigs. Active Gigs includes both your published and unpublished Gigs.
  • Add two Extra services per Gig with a maximum of $1000 per Extra
    • Note! Studio Gigs' Gig Extra maximum is $495, Pro Gigs' maximum is $2000, and Voice-over Gigs have a maximum of $500 per Gig Extra. 
  • Create Custom Offers (up to $20,000 each).
  • Withdraw your earnings after 14 days. 


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