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This is the WEEK. Post how you FEEL about ARS on Fiverr's Blog. It is NOW or NEVER to POST


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The Fiverr blog on ARS is over 330 comments.

The link to the Fiverr blog is:


Comment now and let Fiverr know we are not giving up.

Come on, everyone – COMMENT ON THE BLOG – lets make it to 500 comments by this weekend and see if Fiverr ignores our voices.


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Left and right today,… i’ve been abused by buyers… don’t need or want the aggravation the STARS rating giving me… If it weren’t for a couple of long-term clients in my queue, I’d cancel all the orders in my line right now and shut down my gigs for awhile… This is freaking ridiculous!

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I was upused today very bad, threatend and punished with 1 stars in al rating categories

Buyer demanded free Videos, and when I advised about Fiverrs TOC I got this message and a 1 stars.

Gig was 100% confirm and high quality

delivered 5 days in advance

and reacted to each message within minutes…

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Reply to @mimie01: I know the feeling… I wasnt annoyed so much at fiverr till now when they made this new rating sistem.

When someone request modification, I have feeling all the time that buyer will say if I dont do him something, that he/she will give me 1 star. And when some makes review, I am thinking in my head how much star I got and how that will ruin gig.

When it was normal sistem, I wasnt annoyed with anything (well except some “smart” buyers, but at some time I got used to it).

Now we need to do almost whole day gig for 5$(actually 4) just not to get less star. Worst thing, even that doesnt help for 5 stars.

Fiverr is taking 20% of every order and 100% of freedom lol

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