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Unresponsive Buyer


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offer Pinterest Management services. I have a client that ordered a monthly package. They work for a brand and are extremely specific with their requirements, which is fine. The deadline for this service is 12 days. It is listed as 12 days because I need the full 12 days to complete the work. The client stopped replying to my messages for four days, meaning that I was extremely limited in being able to complete their work. On top of that, the client requested I get their permission with each change I want to make to the account, which would be fine if they answered my messages.

After four days they responded that this wasn't a priority compared to other tasks and that they were busy. I since haven't heard from them, so I have requested a four day extension, which they have ignored, and I have completed the order as much as I can without their input.


There is just under 24 hours left on the deadline. I've done as much as I can, but I am worried I will get a bad review because of this order. Additionally, what can I do to ensure this doesn't happen again.


Thank you for reading!

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Hi there.

Maybe you can give them notice, telling them that Fiverr system will automatically complete the order if there are no response after three day upon delivery.

And that you already give them prior message about the situation, already do what you can best...,, but receive no feedback.

If this Buyer is great client, sometimes we can help them do minor revisions, even when the order is complete. It is a win win solution. You keep good relation with your buyer and get bigger order next time, meanwhile Buyer satisfied with your services.


Best of luck,



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