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Hi, Good day to all. Today I will discuss a matter which can help anyone to success in Fiverr very soon. 

Let's Start

Actually IELTS isn't not mandatory for providing service on Fiverr but in my personal experience I get benefited from IELTS. Before my IELTS, I rarely understand some of my customers requirements, sometimes I used Google Translate which is always good but whenever some customers asked me to join a call, basically Business Clients are available from Fiverr to join call with seller for discussing project details, I get afraid to join. But after IELTS, I can join call with business clients on Fiverr. 


There are four criteria on IELTS, 

1. Listening
2. Reading
3. Speaking 
4. Writing 

So its improve your listening at the time of contacting with buyer, you can easily understand buyer talk and you can reply their answer fluently by your speaking skill. As you are a fluent speaker, generally a customer get impressed and he/she think you are really able to finish the project. But if you talk to them with ummm. ammm, mmmm, no, yes then they have a bad idea about you and they could think you aren't available for the project.

And Reading will help you to understand buyer message properly and writing will hep you to answer their question quickly and properly also help you to impress the customers using some greeting words. They can realize you are really a expert guy. 

To join a IELTS program is expensive, but for preparation is not expensive. Currently Youtube contains a huge tutorial to improve those skills of IELTS, you can watch them to improve your skill and practice at home. There are Cambridge books available as pdf in online, you can practice those and test yourself at home if you can't bear the expense of IELTS examination. To get preparation also help you to communicate with buyer more than current position. 

There are a lot of experienced seller in Fiverr who have lacking's on English and communication with buyer. I think my post will help those who have lacking on English. 

Best of luck all of you.

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Improving your communication skills is key to finding success if you wish to sell internationally. Great work on improving yourself, and you're right, there are lots of free resources out there.

Hopefully anyone that comments will share their experience of IELTS, or how they learned English themselves and the benefits it brought to their business instead of just commenting 'great post' or 'thanks'!




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