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New around here! Need some help :)


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Hello everybody! Although my account is pretty old I just started adding gigs & understanding the whole Fiverr website.

Now I have 6 gigs, after I had my first order I was very happy, didn’t think a 5$ order would make me so :D/

So i decided to concentrate my attention on 2 of my gigs, the ones I like best, one for a flat icon and one for logo design. I added a video - never done a video before so I did what I know best, created some images in Photoshop and stitched them up with Windows movie maker - I tried to put the right tags on them, created some accounts on ad sites, just now created a twitter account, but since i never used twitter I have no idea what I’m doing, for now 😃

After I added the videos and promoted the gigs a little (2-3 days ago), my Impressions, clicks & pageviews froze. not even one added. Is there something I did wrong maybe? I’m sure there is something to it… maybe this happened to someone else, so if you have the time, please explain to me what is happening.

Also, if anyone has an advice for me regarding my gigs, I will gladly receive it. I really like Fiverr and want to understand what are the corect ways of succeding here.

Oh! And if this is the wrong place for my questions, let me know 🙂

Thank you so much! Have a great day!

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