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T-shirt design "artist" sold me stolen images

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Hi, first post here.

So I bought a bulk of 10 designs from a seller 2 years ago to have some unique t-shirts for myself with some cool dragon artworks. Gave him a 5 star review and a fat tip too since he was quick and delivered some nice designs.

I forgot about the whole thing until today when I was browsing pinterest and found the same design this guy sold me. I've never published or sent the artworks to anyone, so it's obvious that he sold me existing designs. On one of the images he even removed a symbol very poorly, I thought he forgot to finish the artwork. I noticed this after I wrote my review and when I asked him if he can change it he ghosted me.

In the gig description he even says "Commercial Use (don't worry about copyright issues)", which I find hard to belive now.

This seller still has the gig up with 600+ reviews (4.9 stars)

I can't change the rating I gave him and a refund might be already late since I bought it in 2020 July.

I'll link some of the images he sent me and the original that I've found.

Learn from my mistake and check if your ordered design/logo is truely original.







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It's terrible when that happens. You think you're getting an original and new idea, but it turns out that someone can be so dishonest as to pass someone else's product off as their own and take money for it. It happened to me a few times, and then I thought I would never buy something like that again, but I was lucky enough to find custom stuff with original images from my favorite blogger. If anyone knows of Willbur, you've probably heard of his https://www.wilbur-soot-merch.com/. What do you think of the merch? How original is it now?

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