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What's wrong with Fiverr SERP?


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Hi, I am just curious about this. If buyers rate my first response as “No” or “Somewhat”, What would happen to my profile? Will it cause any problem to my response rate?
Similarly, what would happen if they click on “Yes”?


Much appreciated!
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See this thread:
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Maybe, like is suggested there, it could affect your gig placement - eg. in the Fiverr search engine/site. eg. higher in the list if “Yes” to helpful, lower if “No” to helpful. I don’t think Fiverr have said for sure what will happen. If it doesn’t affect your gig placement like that, maybe Fiverr will just check sellers who have received many “unhelpful” (or helpful?) flags, eg. to check the reason why (eg. there could be valid reasons for a seller to give an answer that a buyer could then flag as “unhelpful” - ie. they could check the messages to see what kind of responses the seller was giving.

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