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Help needed with gig

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Hi , i posted this 3D Asset gig a while ago and i get no impresions and no messagers, in fact im being utterly ignored in all my other gigs, is it something to do whit the images or maybe the quality of my work is not up to standarts? 

What can i do? i see gigs making renders a lot less sophisticaded than mine getting thousands of jobs.  =( 




bakerino47 (1).jpg

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Have you read the Help Center article on gig images? I'm not sure that text would be readable at thumbnail size.

Only glanced at your profile, but your main gig images look quite good, art-skill wise. 

Edit: welcome back to the forums! Nearly two years, wow! Your English has noticeably improved!

Edit, edit: okay, um... the sample image in your most recent review... that might be causing an issue...

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