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could you check my gig and help me write better descriptions?



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It's clear you're a really talented man @amirghods7  I think you're images and videos are impactful, your gig descriptions appear to say all of the right things. (Although I am no expert in your field) and your prices seem fair.  The only thing I would say is that you appear to be keyword stuffing and bolding text when it isn't needed. This is a common issue when people are looking to rank for particular words or phrases.  In my opinion it looks laboured and inorganic. I would think about writing it in a style that is a little more natural.   I would also consider writing a little more in your profile about section.  This is your shop window and it gives an insight into exactly who you are, what you do, and your achievements.  It's your profile, take the bragging rights if you have done anything great that will impress future clients.  However, always remember to be factual about your claims. Don't get caught out at the first hurdle.  

You're only a few weeks into your Fiverr Journey.  These things take time and will NOT happen overnight. If you make the changes, let the Fiverr Algorithm do it's job.  When your profile is all dressed up, looking smart and dapper, it will invite you to the party. 

Good luck in your journey.




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