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how long to get my reach back?



my gig hit a sudden road bump. i guess someone was dissatisfied with their order and didn’t tell me, and then i overhauled the gig’s description because it was looking outdated, and now my engagement has taken a nosedive. how can i effectively get it back up if hardly anyone can see me? until now, my gig has been pretty popular, with plenty of orders and great reviews last month

i’ve already tried updating the description (didn’t work) and messaging my old customers asking if they’d like to work with me again (no responses)

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1 hour ago, ahasan6541 said:

This is very good for you because you want to return to the previous line

i don’t really know what that means. are you saying i’m on the right track to getting back in the green, that the solution i provided at the end of the OP is the right way to go?

bare in mind, i did the rewrite 2 nights ago, and the re-contacting last night

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