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Promoting other Fiverrs gig


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Hi guys!

I’m about to start doing video’s. I noticed many spokesperson sellers have this policy like “I won’t promote another Fiverr’s gigs”. My question is, why don’t they? Is it against site policies? Or they just don’t want to? And why not?

I’ve also seen a spokesperson who actually does make sales videos for Fiverr gigs. So I’m lost 🙂

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I have several clients who order voiceovers from me regularly and I actively promote their services to others.

If someone is good at something, I tell others about them (maybe I just have a big mouth), or I like seeing other succeed… or it’s just the decent thing to do.

On top of that, as the old saying goes "what comes around goes around."

The more work I send their way… the more work they send my way.

In my limited experience (almost three months on Fiverr and approaching 800 gigs), there is plenty of work to go around.

Just my two cents. 🙂

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iconogenic said: My question is, why don't they?

What they mean is, they won't do a spokes or testimony vid for YOUR Fiverr gig. Why?

Because they know that Fiverr will not approve gig videos that don't have the actual Seller in the vid with the actual Sellers voice. So they don't want to do a vid and have a buyer come back and say, "Hey! Fiverr didn't approve the vid. I want my money back".


Historically, Fiverr looked the other way at these vids. However, just this week ( and it's posted here on the Forum ), Fiverr reintroduced their policy of denying vids that do not have the actual Seller and their voice in the vid.

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