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how to get first client


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The same answer I posted on the same question your asked on a different category of fiverr.  


You're a graphic designer?  Your gig for your logo design states this  

I will design a unique logo for your company

-yes i know i'm new seller but i'm hard worker

-i'm so professional in work

-i'm 24/24 and 7/7 available

-original logo that you won't find enywhere else

-vector file


Challenge accepted................ 

This is your unique Logo along with one I 'found somewhere else'    It took me around 3 mins 

You're copying a template and casting it off as you're own unique work.  You don't deserve to get orders if this is what you're doing. 

Take it down or reword your gig!!!!!! 

Your actions are impacting on the credibility of Fiverr and the service all honest freelancers provide.  This is just one search, I suspect the others are the same. Maybe the time you're spending on this forum asking for advise could be spent creating a profile that is not based on lies and deception????






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