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The buyer doesn't likes what he/she bought


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Just now, noraedit said:


so someone bought a video from me however he/she said after giving it that he/she does not like it. 
what should I do in that case?

First, you should apologize. If you made any mistakes or didn't follow instructions, make sure to own that mistake and admit that you could have done better. Be honest. 

Then tell them that you're here to solve any problems, that you value their feedback, and you're going to keep working with them on this.

Then you should ask why they didn't like it. What did they not like? What can you do to improve the video? Is there anything they did like? 

Analyze and make sure you understand their feedback. Repeat it back to them, to make sure they know that you've understood. If there's something you don't understand, ask them to clarify. 

Use the feedback to fix any problems with the video and work hard to make the client happy with the final result. Also consider what you think about the end result yourself. Did you do a great job? Be completely honest with yourself about it. Would you be happy with the video, if you spent money on it? 


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