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Buyer's Request empty?


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14 hours ago, yukiartphi said:

What is the best time for your country?

Hello, for example I am from Indonesia. Based on my experience (new seller) to get buyer requests, most of them appear at night until morning. Because most of my buyers are from US and we have a long time difference (12 hours). so I'm looking for a buyer request at a time when they (buyers) are mostly online. But, also “often” check your buyer requests, because buyers can come from anywhere and anytime. Good luck!

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On 8/9/2022 at 1:30 PM, yukiartphi said:

Hello once again!

So I tried to do some buyer's request first but it seems like every time I check it, it's always empty? Any idea what could be the cause of it?

There are certain times during which you will receive regular buyer requests if you are online
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1. Gig Meta Data and Search tags setup is a important part for getting buyer request. Set appropriate meta data and search tags. I think, your problem will solve.

2. If you create more gig on popular topic, it will help you to get more buyer request.

3. You have to active in fiverr maximum time and check buyer request after sometimes. Buyer request getting possibility depends on pick and off pick time.

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