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Tips for a Newcomer Digital Artist



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Hello and welcome.

You can find a lot of tips to get you going in the forums, but be careful about who to believe, some people are just swinging miss information about staying online and sharing your stuff at places. Take a look at those guys if they have a strong gig and you will see.

As a visual artist, your gallery images in your gig will be the most important thing to consider. Do some collages, dont overcrowd it. But show what you can do in each picture. 

I have 6 drawings for per image in my character design gig. I can put more but i need it to be readable. Take a look at your works, put the best ones together, dont use too much empty space. Crop your works with tought. Show that you are a good artist, present your works the best way possible.

Fiverr will give you brief moments to shine. Gigs are rotating, sometimes buyers will see you in their search, sometimes dont. That will result in your impression stats to be increased or decreased, dont panic. Make sure that a potential buyer will click on your gig. Grab it while its in the air. Or you will have to wait for your next turn. That can be done with an attractive gig image, title and description. 

Dont use copy paste answers, offers and whatnot. Everybody can see its copied even if its masterfully crafted. 

Dont offer unlimited revisions, dont do anything extremely cheap. Make it professional and have confidence in yourself.

The competition is big, so be prepared that its going to take some time.

I hope you achieve your aims.

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