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Not getting impressions anymore


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If you are not getting impressions it is probably because of at least one of these reasons:

1) No one is looking for the service you offer (unlikely)

2) Your tags / gig title / seo etc are not good enough for buyers to find you.

3) You received negative public or more importantly private feedback.

The only thing you can do is:

1) Optimise your gigs.

2) Delivery great work to great feedback.

Everyone goes through ups and down, that's the world of freelancing.


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Sometimes you have caught in a gig rotation period. If it so, you have to wait until stable your gig position.. If you do all jobs for higher price rate, try to reduce it. I suggest if you already complete a lot orders from relevant gig, don't change any keyword. just reduce the price and put buyer requests all the time. you have to earn good reviews. do your work best.

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