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Q2 2022 Fiverr shareholder report provides great insight on the future direction of Fiverr. Thoughts?

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Well - I got an automated response with a ticket #  that says they will get back to me!

The other three automated ticket responses say Resolved though nothing was resolved.

Hope this amounts to something. 

I apologize for putting a detour on this forum but I hope it also illustrates some of the feedback that sellers might not be aware of and things that might not be brought up in a Ra Ra section like this. 

I will definitely be investing in a YouTube video that will speak to the false ratings that abound here in Fiverr as well as the absurdly poor AI interface. I will be using talent from Upwork or Freelancer - never again with fiverr.  I placed three orders here: Two for $100 and One for $1266 All 3 were cancelled. Twice because they never did anything but say that it was almost done, that they were sorry for the delay or that it was being delivered today - over and over and over and over and over again - at some point that is a lie and not a promise. The large order was because of incompetence and the delivery of what was the actual opposite of what I asked for - which I was interviewed and recorded as asking for and which everything I gave them showed that I was interested in the exact opposite of the content they provided.

Not once in any cancellation was a human involved.  I have no way to rate the seller - and the rating would be extremely easy verify for anyone wishing to see if I was justified in my rating.

In the case of the first two small orders, that seller should be barred from selling here. In the case of the Pro seller on the larger order, I cannot say if this was just a huge lack of oversight - the writing that I received was on par with a junior in high school and it had nothing to do with my request. But something was delivered and they did not constantly lie - I guess that you give them 2 stars?

The sellers have 4.9 and 5 star ratings. If AirBnb did not allow renters to rate every place that was completely unacceptable and resulted in a cancellation or a refund - how long do you think it would remain as one of the top places to look for a place to stay? 

At the very least, the number of cancellations should in some way effect the rating a person has. And perhaps spot checking a certain percentage of refunds by a human or having a Complaints against sellers area would help. A seller that only lies constantly on an order should be reprimanded. 

Contrary to any assumptions you may have regarding me, I am a very easy going Buyer. I really only expected to get some fairly decent material and ideas from these orders. None of them were ever expected to be used in whole or even very much in part - I expected that hopefully maybe 10% might be useable or even only one or two gems of insight or data. Extremely low expectation was met with lies on the one hand and nothing of value on the other. And then horrible interface problems regarding a refund. 

Who has time for this?  False ratings, no accountability, easy to find competition from other better rated sites. I did not even know about the other sites and I am a creature of habit - if this had gone well I would be using it frequently and touting its offerings. I will never use it again and will be touting caution and poor management regarding this site. 

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