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42 minutes ago, mayor_sales001 said:

My gigs are not ranking despite my impression

If you have impressions then your gig IS “ranking”. Ranking is your gig being shown in search but it’s different for every person that sees it based on their search history and other factors. You have 3k impressions and that means 3000 people saw your gig, that’s a lot to be honest, with those impressions I get at least a couple of orders converted. 

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16 hours ago, williambryan392 said:

@mariashtelle1is correct, those are good impression numbers, so clearly your gig title and tags are working.

Are people clicking on your gig? If not, I think then your gig image or pricing is putting them off.

If they are clicking and not buying, then your gig description or pricing is putting them off.

Hmmm....Okay! I'll work on that 

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