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42 minutes ago, hasnain_099 said:

can you tell me which  activity  (graphic as  fivver  say)

Possibly loading Fiverr pages. You could have loaded too many tabs too quickly / loaded too many pages in too short a time.

If you open multiple Fiverr tabs in future try waiting 2 or 3 seconds before you open each new tab.

If you have an auto-refresher it would be best to disable it for Fiverr.

You'll have to wait about an hour before it lets you load a page on Fiverr though with your current IP address.

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Hi Hasnain,

I was experienced the similar error while creating a Gig. There may be issue with bulk database update on the backend. I tried a different aproach and it worked!

I started experiencing the error while I update Gig description, Milestone workflow and FAQ alltogether and tried save and continue several time. The error poped up each time. Here the trick worked for me, little bit funny but worked 🙂

  • Refresh the page, all the data will be wiped
  • just type a sentence or two in Gig description
  • Save or Save & Continue
  • Step saved
  • Open the perticular step again, start editing and save again
  • It works fine throught the Gig creation process without any error

Good luck man!

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