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On 7/28/2022 at 2:36 AM, saif_evan said:

Why is there currently no work in the graphic design>image editing> product image editing sector in Fiverr?

And top-rated or level 2 sellers also have no orders currently. why?

There are 65,355 services available when you type in "product image editing." 

The first gig to pop up was a Top-Rated Seller with 6 orders in queue.

The second gig to pop up was a new seller with only one completed order and zero orders in queue.

The third gig to pop up was a Level 2 seller with a Fiverr's Choice badge and 1 order in queue.

There are also Level 2 sellers who are showing up in the search who have orders in queue.

So there is work in the product image editing sector and plenty of it. And Top-Rated Sellers, Level 2 Sellers, Level 1 Sellers, and even New Sellers are getting orders.

The question you'll need to ask yourself is, "How can I get some of those orders?" You'll need to be creative to stand out because competition in that category is pretty high.

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3 hours ago, saif_evan said:

I am active 24 hours a day on Fiverr. My online status and seller mode are on. But my gig doesn't show active. I tested with an incognito window. What is it for? Please tell me, how to solve this problem.

How can you be active for 24 hours? Do you not sleep? 

Regarding your online status: Click on your profile picture, and then hit Settings. You should be able to check your Online status there. 

If it's not showing for you on your gig, it might just be a cache thing. Remember, caches aren't just a local thing that can be fixed by using Incognito mode. Fiverr is probably also implementing server-side caching that sometimes can bug up things like this. 

You show up as online on your profile, so the system knows you're online. 

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